Happy Birthday George!

GWBush.jpegWell, well, well. Mr. President turned 60 today. I have to say, he looks damn good for a 60 year old man. I don’t look that good at 36, so I won’t even make the normal “I hope I look that good at that age” comment, because no one that knows me and all my ailments even expects me to make it to 60.  Hats off to someone who has maintained such a good state of fitness.  Hopefully, he’ll have the same good fortune in aging that his father has had.

The above provided link to Mr. Bush’s wikipedia entry has an amazing wealth of detail, by the way.  Whether you like or dislike him, his accomplishments are well worth viewing.  And having a healthy President is always better than having an unhealthy President with someone else actually pulling the strings, so be glad he is in such good health.
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