Large parts of SCO lawsuit thrown out

(via Ars Technica)

In part of the ongoing lawsuit in which SCO claims it will prove something it has so far failed to prove in 3 years, Magistrate Brooke C. Wells of the US District Court in Salt Lake City has dismissed 182 of SCO’s 294 claims.

The dismissal is part of a 39-page ruling that comes down hard on SCO for continually refusing to provide specific details about which lines of code in SCO’s products were stolen by Linux programmers.

“SCO’s arguments are akin to SCO telling IBM, ‘Sorry we are not going to tell you what you did wrong because you already know,'” Wells wrote in the ruling. “Given the amount of code that SCO has received in discovery, the court finds it inexcusable that SCO is, in essence, still not placing all the details on the table.”

SCO’s reaction to the news was predictably unrevealing. “Our legal team is reviewing the judge’s ruling and will determine our next steps in the near future,” said SCO spokesperson Blake Stowell.

Yeah, this case just keeps looking worse and worse for SCO.  Of course, I think that’s probably expected by most after watching 3 years of nothing coming that SCO says it will deliver.

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