Day: March 22, 2006

  • Can facts be patented?

    (via The Consumerist) I did not know this.  Apparently Metabolite has a patent on the fact “The level of an amino acid called homocysteine is measured in a patient’s blood or urine and, if elevated, it can be correlated with a deficiency of folic acid, or B12.”  And there is a lawsuit against the company […]

  • One key gaming

    Reading the latest issue of PCGamer, I was reminded of an experiment initiated with the intention of giving more people with physical handicaps and disabilities the option to play games. The end result of this experiment is a set of games which are playable with only a single key. As surprising as this might sound […]

  • Judge makes nonsense decision, supreme court won’t reconsider

    (via BoingBoing) The obscenity section of the Communications Decency Act (hereafter CDA) bans publishing “obscene” material on the net. Unfortunately, according to this wonderfully moronic act, “obscene” is determined by “local standards” in the courts. That means someone hosting porn in California can be sued by someone living in Puritinicaville, FL (actual name – Ave […]

  • C’mon, you conspiracy theorists, you know you want some!

    (via Tingilinde) Are you looking for that fashionable tin-foil cap or a cleverely disguised EMF-guarding camisole (because even when you want to look nice, you want to be protected from all that bad EMF!)? Maybe you just want a faraday cage screen so you’ll sleep better at night? Well, folks, worry no more. Now you […]

  • Wicked lasers

    I have another cool post to make soon about lasers (high powered burn-your-doll’s eyes out lasers), but I wanted to point these out while I have them open in my browser. If you’ve ever wanted a laser that’s just a little bit different than what everyone else has, check out Wicked Lasers. Pretty much everyone […]

  • ASUS dual-core widescreen laptop

    (via TechEBlog) I like to game. I want a good laptop. If I had the money, I’d probably get something a lot like this: At 7.5 pounds, the ASUS W2J boasts a vibrant 17-inch TFT (WSXGA+) display that’s perfect for watching digital TV via the built-in DVB-T tuner. This laptop can handle any application, thanks […]

  • M-Brid pocket movie player

    (via TechEBlog) I just had my birthday. When my wife asked what I wanted for my birthday, I didn’t know. If I had known about this, I would have asked for one. It is t3h secksay to me. Similar in size to Apple’s iPod, the M-Brid Pocket Movie Player features a 2.2-inch LCD display, 4GB […]