C’mon, you conspiracy theorists, you know you want some!

(via Tingilinde)

Are you looking for that fashionable tin-foil cap or a cleverely disguised EMF-guarding camisole (because even when you want to look nice, you want to be protected from all that bad EMF!)? Maybe you just want a faraday cage screen so you’ll sleep better at night? Well, folks, worry no more. Now you can find these, and more, at LessEMF.com.

emf-glove.JPG What we have here is an emf-apron.JPGEMF-shielded glove, sure to protect your hands from all those nasty emissions your computer puts out. If that style doesn’t suite you, maybe you need one of these handy EMF aprons instead. Of course, you could suit up in both, throw on a EMF shielded baseball cap, and you’ll be styling AND safe from those bad, pesky, scary rays that are flying around us every moment. Oooooooh! Just head on over there and pick up all your clothes. And be safe to use your computer and cell phone again!
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One thought on “C’mon, you conspiracy theorists, you know you want some!”

  1. I forgot to add in to this article the tidbit of information that was in the tingilinde article linked originally – to actually protect against these supposedly harmful emissions, all the clothing shown would need more than 1 centimeter thickness of the material used. Imagine those gloves with an extra centimeter of material all around. Wonderful.


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