Man dies after cops taser him while he choked his granddaughter

I have no idea what to even make of this.

Officers responding to a report of an exorcism on a young girl found her grandfather choking her and used stun guns to subdue the man, who later died, authorities said Sunday.

. . .

A bed had been pushed up against the door; the officers pushed it open a few inches and saw Marquez choking his bloodied granddaughter, who was crying in pain and gasping, Tranter said.

A bloody, naked 19-year-old woman who police later determined to be Marquez’s daughter and the girl’s mother was in the room, chanting “something that was religious in nature,” Tranter said.

He was taken out in hand-cuffs, but later stopped breathing. That is just so frikkin’ bizarre that I’m not sure what to make of it. I know the difficulty of dealing with a 3-year-old, but I have never attemped an exorcism not choking the child.

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Just shut the hell up – stupidity reigns

I get it.  Don’t objectify women.  Respect.  Dignity.  All that stuff.  But really, I think holding 13-year-old kids to the same standard is fine until you start talking 10 years juvenile detention for horseplay.

Two 13-year-old Oregon boys are facing serious sex charges for allegedly slapping female classmates’ bottoms as a form of horseplay.

. . .

“These cases are devastating to children,” he [the DA prosecuting the case] said. “They are life-altering cases.”

So, um, today’s winner of the Blahg’s very first “Shut-the-hell-up-and-stop-being-stupid” award.  Sadly, I suspect I’ll have to award it repeatedly now that it exists.

And some people might disagree with me that the punishment is too harsh, doesn’t fit the act, and all that stuff.  It’s OK.  I’m fine with others being wrong.

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