Woman arrested for DWI, mysteriously bleeds profusely while interrogation video off

Potentially disturbing video warning.

This is a video of a woman being processed in a police interrogation room after an arrest for DWI. Mysteriously, at one point during the processing, the video camera is turned off. When it is turned back on, the woman is lying in a pool of her own blood, and shortly afterwards taken away on stretcher to the hospital.dwi-beating.jpg She ends up with two black eyes, two broken teeth, bruises, and, as noted, loss of lots of blood.

The officer has been fired, but is appealing the firing. His attorney claims the officer turned of the tape …in accordance with normal practice. So far, I’ve found no explanation of what normal practice leads to turning off video taping while processing an arrestee. I suspect it is something like “When beating someone, it is normally wise to do so where no video evidence nor eye witnesses can be used against use.” I could be wrong, though – that’s just a theory. The officer explains what happened, thankfully. Again, through the officer’s attorney:

The suspect again tried to leave the room. In the process of stopping her, she fell and injured herself.

I can’t recall the last time I fell while someone tried to stop me from going through a door and I ended up in the condition shown above, but maybe you other folks can help me out on this one.  Anyone got a similar experience where you fell about 10 feet away from the door you are trying to go through (at least, that’s about what it loos to me in the video) and ended up with such injuries?

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Staten Island Ninja!!!

You know, there are only 3 facts you need to know about Ninja:

  1. Ninjas are mammals.
  2. Ninjas fight ALL the time.
  3. The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.

So when one shows up on Staten Island robbing houses, you know eventually someone is going to end up dead. It hasn’t happened yet, but someday…

[liveleak 8c3_1191087140]

Phear the Ninja, people.

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What dancing is all about

This is all the reason I need to suggest more people buy poles to put up in their garage.  Probably NSFW.

Her comments from the YouTube page:

sorry i’m tired of answering the same questions over n over.
took me 3 months to get to this level of dancing 6-8 hours a day for 3 months. i do not do this amout of hours now though.
i do not have any dance background, no ballet, gymnastics ect
song: fergalisous – fergie
i am using a 50mm chrome x-pole from xpole.co.uk
and for those who wanna leave nasty comments… dont bother cause i now aprove them, you gain nothing

Seems more pervs on the intarw3bbs like me have seen the video and tried to leave naughty comments. Shame on you pervs. Be more like me and look but don’t let them know you are looking.

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I hadn’t even heard of this game before, but Sumotori looks worth trying just based on these videos and the 96K download size. In fact, if you are still stuck on a 1200 baud modem connection and find 96K too large (psssst – this page is bigger than that), you can instead get a tiny 29K version.

Drunk cubism fighters? Sign me up.

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Wii-remote head-mounted virtual-room tracking

This is simply awesomesauce in a little controller.  While catching up on my Penny-Arcade reading for the day (and by the way, might I recommend the PennyPacker extension to you if you are a Mozilla user), I caught this video of a project to make a head-mounted device to give a user the visual sensation of a truly three-dimensional image on a monitor.

The first minute or so of the video might seem a bit boring, but it’s a setup for a really neat demonstration of the effect of real spatial movement effecting the display.  I tried snagging some images from the video to show the effect, but it’s the motion and not the image that makes the effect so cool.  In motion, parts of the image do appear to stand several feet out from the screen, and moving forward will put you behind those parts of the view so you don’t see them any more.

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Anyone remember when he just danced in his underwear?

You know you’re the only one that can really help.

Tom Cruise explains why Scientology is so important.  The above quote?  Well, that’s why a Scientologist must stop to help when they see an accident.  No one but a Scientologist can help.

I think I’d rather see him nailing Rebecca De Mornay on a subway again – he was much more entertaining before he started calling Psychiatry ebil, ebil, EBIL I tell you and telling the world that Brooke Shields is a bad mother.

Props to Defamer for catching this for our viewing, um, pleasure (?) before YouTube ripped it down.

Didn’t get a chance to watch the terrifyingly creepy Tom Cruise video yesterday before Scientologists pulled it off YouTube? Well, we’ve managed to get our hands on a copy and now we’d like to invite you to watch in all its technicolor glory.

Tom rules you all.  Oh, and this video is painfully stupid to watch and listen to.

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