Month: February 2008

  • Typing tracker

    Think you can type fast, hot shot? Put your skillz (you know we’re serious, because of the ‘Z’ we use) to the test with the USB typing speed tachometer. Sure, the seller calls it a USB WPM speedometer, but we’re a bit more advanced here — we know it’s a tachometer of a sort. (via […]

  • Ricin inside

    It isn’t such a great time to be a guest at a slightly-off-the-strip hotel in Vegas right now, is it? A substance found at a motel may be the deadly toxin ricin, but authorities said Friday they don’t believe it was intended for a terrorist attack. Lab tests on the substance were pending and seven […]

  • No More lol

  • Anatomy lesson on the, um…

    Driving alongside an elementary school bus, stroking oneself, just isn’t right

  • Scientology is nice

    From the fine humorists at Excellent ending. [tags]Scientology,, Humor, Video, YouTube[/tags]

  • How cigarette smoke causes cancer

    That title might need a question mark following it, as I’m not absolutely convinced that this is definitive, but recent research appears to point to hydrogen peroxide as the source of cancer from cigarette smoke. In the research study, Goldkorn and colleagues describe how they exposed different sets of human lung airway cells (in the […]

  • Girl Ninja

    A cow-orker shared this fantastic pic of a most assuredly deadly female ninja, which I tracked back to this blog. I’ll take a simple PB and Jelly, please. [tags]Ninja, Real Ultimate Power, Sandwich, Sammich, Girl[/tags]

  • QuickJump

    I’ve recently gotten hooked on the QuickJump family of web sites

  • The “Duh!” news of the week

    A recent study shows that men are more likely to get addicted to games than women. I think this is a surprise to substantially less than 100 people in the world. The study looked at how the brains of 22 young gamers – half of them male, half female – reacted when playing a simple […]

  • How to solve Indiana Jones on the Atari 2600

    My brother just sent me a link to a SharkBait article which references an old VHS video series from Vestron Video in 1982 that tells you how to beat a variety of Atari 2600 games.  The article has this Raiders of the Lost Ark game guide, and since I remember so well playing the game, […]

  • CryENGINE2 vs. reality

    See how powerful the CryENGINE2 is, assuming you have a sufficiently powerful machine to drive this. [gametrailers 31022] Not as good as looking out real-world locations, but extremely impressive for a game engine.  Most of the engine driven stuff is flatter or duller than the real-world video, but I’m still looking forward to being able […]

  • Intelligence agencies infiltrating WoW

    Warning WoW addicts – US intelligence agencies will soon be watching you from in game