Day: January 9, 2008

  • Another of my infrequent but persistent LineRider posts

    I love LineRider, even though I lack the talent to make something useful and good with it.  Here’s the latest I’ve found that really tickled my Rider-urge: [collegehumor 1735162] And my apologies for all the embedded-video posts of late.  I’ve just been on a bit of a playback kick, I suppose. [tags]LineRider[/tags]

  • Watch television online – legally

    Fancast – watch streaming video of  recent television programs (US only) (via LifeHacker)

  • Celebrity geeks routinely cranks out great articles, and their recent “8 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Geeks” is no exception. I first opened this up (courtesy digg) figuring it would just be of interest to me. But since the first celeb listed is the uber-sexay and even smarter Natalie Portman, I figured I could post here […]

  • Cyst removal

    Shelley recently posted this snip about the removal of a parasitic cyst from a young girl’s brain.  She even included a video (which I’m not embedding due to my recent climax-like explosion of video posts) plus a bit of information on the nature of the cyst, the danger of removing, and just what happens to […]

  • The importance of seat belts

    Here is a fellow who understands the importance of seat belts – headline: “Driver found unbuckled in crash, but beer 12-pack safely belted in“