Day: November 29, 2007

  • A watch I want

    Those who know me already recognize my high-level of geekiness. Those that don’t know me figure out how much of a proud dork I am pretty quickly. I’m hoping to combine my lack of time-keeping device with my poor fashion sense to go to the next level and let people who see me but don’t […]

  • North Korea does not play around with rule breakers

    I’m all for the tough-on-crime stance.  I feel we in America are too soft on many criminals.  A company my mother used to work for had an employee killed while on travel to China by someone who broke in to his hotel room with intent to steal stuff.  When the criminal was caught, he was […]

  • Rocket go boom! Idiot down!!!

    Idiocy at work: [tags]Rocket boom, Stupid, Idiot[/tags]

  • It’s called Christmas

    Heard this one on the radio this morning.  I liked it as a happy song telling off all those involved in the pussification of America for calling Christmas something else. Of course, I’m ignoring the overly religious secondary message, but that’s because I prefer to focus on the part that tells people what ‘tards they […]