A watch I want

Those who know me already recognize my high-level of geekiness. Those that don’t know me figure out how much of a proud dork I am pretty quickly. I’m hoping to combine my lack of time-keeping device with my poor fashion sense to go to the next level and let people who see me but don’t meet me understand how non-functional I am in proper society. The solution to the needs-fix I have is this morse-code based watch.

If you want to deter that pesky friend who’s always peeking over you shoulder to check the time, then put a stop to it with the Morse Code watch from Tokyo Flash. This first ever design has three modes for telling time. Using a built in speaker that refracts sound off your wrist through the solid stainless steel case it sounds out the time in Morse code! But if that’s too hard to follow, you can easily press a button to see the time in Morse Code on the LED.

There are other cool watches that speak to my geekiness. But few combine the dorkiness I need with my desire to have something that keeps other people away while fulfilling a utilitarian function for me.