Pirates vs. Ninjas

It’s an age old question, really – which is more insanely awesome and power: a Pirate or a Ninja? And might I point out that due to their awesomeness, both MUST be capitalized when asking which is more insanely awesome. Of course, there has been debate over the ages. The Pastafarians believe Pirates to be more insanely awesome. Anyone in on Int3rpipe memes knows that this Ninja is pretty freakin’ awesome. But who wins in the ultimate showdown? Could either REALLY beat Chuck Norris?

Thankfully, development team Blazing Lizard has stepped in to help answer the question. From the team comes

kotaku-Pirates Logo

Yes – the ultimate face-off between the ultimate foes: Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball. And why should we car and trust these guys? Well, this team is composed of some folks from Volition/THQ, the developers responsible for such awesomeness as Freespace and Red Faction.

Blazing Lizard was founded by three former THQ/Volition veterans who were behind games like Red Faction, Freespace and Saints Row. Now expanded to a mighty team of four, they intend on releasing their first (of what they hope to be many) PvN-themed games in January 2008. That is, as soon as they sign a publisher and actually decide on which downloadable platform is right for them (PSN or Xbox LIVE).

If you aren’t pumped about this, you just aren’t a gamer. If you are pumped, check out Joystiq’s Pirates vs. Ninjas gallery for more pretty pictures.

(Oh, and with all the links, if it isn’t clear what you need to click for all the goodies, just click the pretty picture above)

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