Day: September 6, 2007

  • Wellness tip

    Received a batch of these earlier this year from a cow-orker. Here is wellness tip #1. Removed for copyright reasons – did not intend to steal someone else’s work – linked to original creator’s page with comic I had posted. It made me laugh. My cow-orker didn’t share his source, but I’ve linked back to […]

  • More Ninja action!!!

    Any news of Ninja action is welcome at the Blahg – new DS game to flip out and kill people

  • LEGO Death Star II deal

    It’s no longer a brand new set, but I really dig the LEGO Death Star II set. At the LEGO store, it lists for $300 (minus 1 penny).  For no particular reason, I was looking at this same set at and saw they have it listed for $253 (minus 1 penny). Clearly, you need […]

  • Set your USB key up to auto-run on insertion

    I’ve known this was possible for a while, but I hadn’t looked for nor stumbled upon instructions for putting an autorun file on a USB key and getting it to work. This week, obviously, I found the instructions over at Daily Cup of Tech for making this happen. I can see several good and nefarious […]