One thought on “Insane interchanges – driver beware”

  1. You may not want to drive them, but doing “Decreasing-Radius Turn” that so many of these have are a major scare.

    “This one is the infamous Fish Hook in Santa Cruz, at the intersection of Highway 1 (coming from the right) and Highway 17. When you stay on 1 you encounter this nasty a decreasing-radius turn. If you don’t know this intersection, when you come westbound on Highway 1, you naturally expect that to go straight ahead on Highway 1. However, you make this wide right turn that fairly suddenly becomes about three times as tight.”

    These things are all over and you never think about them in a car.

    But braking on a bike, while turning, at high speed, is not easy to do. And when you come into something like this hot you will be glad you passed on that second beer.


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