LED corks

The perfect addition to your alcoholic-drinks section at home, the Boozehound emergency light is a lighted cork for sealing your liquor bottles.

cork_light2.jpgTo prepare for a natural disaster, you need to be equipped. Maximize your survival rate by inundating any and everything that could possibly be used for food, water, and light. In regard to the latter, boozehounds will rejoice to hear that having multiple bottles of “drank” may indeed save them.

Around here, we’re all about the safety. And what’s more important to safety than making sure you have proper lighting for picking your poison in a power outage?

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3 thoughts on “LED corks”

  1. I know that light can effect wine and beer drastically. I thought it could do the same to some hard liquors as well, and is why many come in dark colored bottles.

    After all, I would not want effect the delicate flavors of my Mad Dog 20/20.

    Did you see a link on this page? Or cost? That site pretty much sucks.


  2. I’m pretty sure wines are in dark places because cellars have the right temp and moisture, i can’t say for sure if light can damage wine, i know light will damage beer, however i don’t think it will hurt hard liquors. not to mention it is LED not true light so you never know, it may not damage anything. btw…..MD 20/20….seriously? I would be worried bout things like Yukon Jack, Cognac, Irish whiskey, ect.

    And, no i haven’t seen the price listed. my question is are the batteries replaceable and how long they last before the battery would need replaced.

  3. I haven’t been able to find anywhere to actually buy these LED corks online. I imagine this would be a pretty easy do-it-yourself kind of thing, but haven’t investigated that, either.

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