I’m afraid your mission is just not possible

impossible-mission-01.jpg 225px-c64_impossible_mission.png Look familiar? That’s a modern remake of a really, really, really cool game from nearly 25 years back alongside a screenshot from the original.

impossible-mission-02.jpgImpossible Mission is returning, in dual-screen glory, via the Nintendo DS. From the Nintento DS News site at qj.net:

impossible-mission-03.jpgNow enhanced with a modern touch, the quest continues on against Atombender. Added in to the cast of characters are three main folks for you to choose from. Says Epyx CEO, Mark Cale, “We’ve worked hard to bring Impossible Mission up-to-date whilst keeping the original gameplay that made the game such a hit in the 80s… We’re particularly pleased with the handheld version which will ensure this historic game can be enjoyed by a completely new generation of gamers.”

I remember putting in hours and hours of play time on a friend’s Commodore-64 and not completing this game back when I was in high school. It was a tough game, and back then we didn’t have gamefaqs for assistance. Why, we played barefoot, going uphills, backwards, in the snow, both ways. And we liked it, we did. But I never finished the original.

More impossibly informational goodness and more pics (like the above – all of which we stole from WorthPlaying) in the original article.

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