Day: January 8, 2007

  • Dumbest warnings – 2006

    M-Law lists what it thinks are the dumbest product warnings issued in 2006

  • 15 milestones to modern medicine

    Because you never know when you will end up on Jeopardy, I like to point out the things I find which can fill your head with the useless trivia you need to succeed. The latest of these findings is this write-up on The Guardian of the British Medical Journal’s top 15 milestones on the path […]

  • Restroom automation

    A cow-orker sent this to me today. I thought it was too funny to not share with all 3 of my overwhelmingly brillaint readers and both my inept social outcast readers, as well. For the 2 inept readers, make sure to click the “More” link below to finish the joke. It’s even less funny if […]

  • Captain, we need more, ahhh, stupid header – I want one of these

    You know what you can never have too much of? Power. Sure, sure, it corrupts and all. But when you have real power at your fingertips, you can achieve so much. Thinking of power-lusters such as myself, Ultra Products has put out a 2000 watt power supply for good computer fun. I’m guessing you could […]

  • A visual history of home consoles

    A friend sent me this link to a history of home consoles via images.  I’m managed to pick a few of the losing consoles in that history – in particular, the TurboGraphx-16, the TurboDuo, and the Dreamcast.  All systems I liked, and which I believe were the best available at the time, but which failed […]

  • Bush best and worst of 2006

    The Associated Press has done a poll of Americans to determine the biggest villain and biggest hero of the past year. In a comfortable lead, President Bush took the villain of the year. However, in another easy win, President Bush took hero of the year. I’m surprised by half the results, given how bad a […]

  • Long term study: *STILL* no cell-phone = brain cancer link

    How long have we heard that using a cell phone will give you brain cancer? Many well-run studies have shown that to be false. Still, there are plenty who won’t believe that. Not that it will sway the nutjobs, but there is yet another study showing no connection between cell phone use and brain cancer […]