Pam on the market again

I’m sure someone, somewhere, will care and try to do something about the fact that Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock are getting a divorce after just 4 months. For that one lonely, hopeful stalkerperson, I felt I had to get this news out.

If these Hollywood types can’t make it, do any of us really stand a chance???

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Media whoring, publicity grabs, after questionable New York shooting

A man is shot dead by police in New York hours before his wedding, and so far, not a lot is known about the shooting. That hasn’t stopped the narcissists from trying to get their faces on television so they can admire themselves a little more.

Early Sunday morning five undercover police officers fired a hail of 50 bullets at three men as they left a bachelor’s party at a night club in a neighborhood in Queens, N.Y. One of the men, Sean Bell, a 23-year-old delivery man and father of two, was killed just hours before his scheduled marriage ceremony.

. . .

The police have claimed that the undercover officers identified themselves and fired only after Bell’s car rammed two police minivans. But witnesses at the scene say the police failed to identify themselves and that the young men thought they were fleeing thugs from within the nightclub.

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For when you kinda wanna show respect, but not really

In the ever-shrinking world in which we live, more things can be done online every day it seems. For things like quick messages between people or groups, or video conferencing to reduce travel expenses, this is great. For other things, you sometimes have to wonder just what we’ve become. For instance, thanks to a crematorium in England, “mourners” will be able to watch funerals via the internet.

To me, that sends the load and clear message that “We want to see your dead body, and maybe the burial, but we really just never cared enough for you to get our lazy asses out of the house and come to your funeral.” The exception to this being people who are unable to attend, such as those too sick to travel or too far away and unable to secure time off. Otherwise, this seems like a great way to pretend to pay respect to someone without missing that game that’s going to be on the television at the same time as the funeral.

A crematorium has installed a camera so mourners can watch funerals on the internet.

Families will pay £45 to allow friends and relatives to view services at the council-run crematorium in Peterborough, Cambs.

Crematorium bosses are offering a DVD or video for an extra £25.

On the plus side, if you can’t be bothered to go, AND you don’t want to miss a moment of the game, you can just purchase the DVD afterwards and pay your respects post-posthumously. Or am I just being a bit too cynical?

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