Stupidity exists on all continents

We already know there are scads of idiotic Americans. So we’ve got our continent covered. Sometimes, it’s interesting to hit news sites to check on the stupidity of other continents. This one is a double-shot, documenting one British idiocy while referring the reader back to another.

Just a few weeks after a man in Sunderland was severely injured after putting a firework up his bottom, a leading safety charity has expressed shock at a video of North Eastern teenagers setting fire to their friends buttocks, which was posted on YouTube.

. . .

After several failed attempts to light the buttocks, the members of the self-described ‘idiot squad’ manage to spark Dave’s bottom up – and Dave leaps out of shot with his rear-end on fire.

What I want to know is, why don’t these people do something more news-worthy, like cut off their own wangs, instead of just setting their asses on fire? That helps the gene pool, and makes for even more entertaining reading of idiocy.

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