Media whoring, publicity grabs, after questionable New York shooting

A man is shot dead by police in New York hours before his wedding, and so far, not a lot is known about the shooting. That hasn’t stopped the narcissists from trying to get their faces on television so they can admire themselves a little more.

Early Sunday morning five undercover police officers fired a hail of 50 bullets at three men as they left a bachelor’s party at a night club in a neighborhood in Queens, N.Y. One of the men, Sean Bell, a 23-year-old delivery man and father of two, was killed just hours before his scheduled marriage ceremony.

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The police have claimed that the undercover officers identified themselves and fired only after Bell’s car rammed two police minivans. But witnesses at the scene say the police failed to identify themselves and that the young men thought they were fleeing thugs from within the nightclub.

The article basically says we just don’t reallllllly know what the fuck happened there just yet, but it is being investigated. However, media whoring by self-proclaimed community leaders is already occuring, pronouncing outrage at this injustice against the black community.

Bloomberg enjoys far better relations with the city’s black leadership, a fact much in evidence today. A number of African American leaders, from ministers to Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), gathered at City Hall and carefully avoided denunciations of the police. But Sharpton spoke afterwards of the strains on the community.

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“Let me say something about the make-up of these cops: Two white, two black, one Latino,” he said. “I want all of them brought to justice. Many black cops do in our community what they know they would not be allowed to do in other communities.”

Apparently, there is no need to wait to find out what really happened before slandering the men involved. Looks like Mr. Sharpton missed that “avoided denunciations of the police” bit the others seemed to follow. Tell the whole world that black cops are dirty (or racist – I’m not sure which) cops, Reverend! Nothing like sweeping generalizations. Who the hell cares what the reality of the event is?

So if this incident turns out to be a justified use of deadly force, and only the excessive level expressed is in question, how many of these leaders will come back and publicly apologize for finding the officers guilty in the court of public opinion? Which of them will make an effort to admit to speak to the accused officers then? (hint: The answers are zero and none)

Yes, it might turn out to be 100% invalid, unnecessary, and excessive use of force. But what if the officers did feel threatened, believed there was a weapon in the car, and just went too far in firing on the suspects? Shouldn’t these community leaders at least wait until more is known before calling black cops dirty and calling for justice on all the officers involved?

Bah! Not in America.

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