Privacy enhanced computer display

If you work on anything where you really need to protect what is displayed from inadvertant viewing, perhaps you need one of Mitsubishi’s new privacy enhanced computer displays. The short explanation of how the display works is that it rapidly draws the intended image along with the inverse of that image. You wear special glasses to screen out the inverse image, but anyone without the glasses synced to your display only sees grey static due to the blending of the two images.


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Worth1000 Star Wars celebrities contest

I just spent a little bit of time catching up on Worth1000 contests. I didn’t like many of the recent ones, honestly, but going back about a week came on a winning contest with scads of entries – Star Wars scenes with other celebrities in them. There are 10 pages of entrants, and the first has a good handful of really cool pictures. Here’s a new Yoda that just twists the character a touch. Continue reading “Worth1000 Star Wars celebrities contest”