Great – now we all have to check out real estate in Franklin, TN

(via Engadget)

We all want fatter digital pipes for a lower cost, right? I mean, all the normal people. I know there are people who think it is acceptable to live mostly off-line, but I like to think of them as moderately to significantly insane. So ignoring those wackos, can we all agree that Franklin, TN is starting to look more interesting than we would have every guessed?

A few weeks ago, Brent Ware took his teenage son on a trip around the world to meet with international clients.

Ware, CEO of Tenvera Inc., said his son was shocked at the technological advantages other parts of the world – especially the Far East – have over the United States. Ware wants to cut that advantage down for Americans with a fiber-optic home networking system that could change the way people all over the world live, entertain and work in their homes.

Tenvera is a Franklin-based company beginning production this month of System 5 technology. Also known as Fiber in the Home (FITH), it takes fiber-optic networking to its final destination: the home.

And Tenvera is working with builders in its hometown to get more fiber in more houses. And I want some of that. Guess I need to find work in the Nashville area, get the wife to find work there, sell the house, move, and enjoy big fat bandwidth numbers.

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