(via Blue’s News)

I haven’t signed up yet, because I wanted to post about this before my attention got pulled away, but this new free MMO from The Five Pillars could be interesting.

The Five Pillars is a strategic multiplayer online game set in a strange, post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

. . .

As you create your character, you must choose a magical alignment for it. Five different alignments exist in this world and every one of those has its strengths and weaknesses. You can be a nature mage commanding huge beasts to protect your forests from getting cut down. Perhaps you want to wield the awesome power of the ever raging desert storms into building a powerful empire. You may be interested in the mysteries of the north in the form of elemental magic. Swamps are filled with deadly insects and the practice of dark arts. Or maybe you will be a mountain mage expertising in devastating spells that will crush your enemies?

I’m going to try this one out.  If I get a little play time on it, perhaps I’ll post more about it.

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