T-Shirts can now be security risks

Poor Dave Osborne. Seems he was a threat to everyone on his flight. Thankfully, someone in security knew how to eliminate the threat.

A TOURIST was told to turn his T-shirt inside-out at an airport — as a picture of two guns on it was deemed a SECURITY RISK.

Dave Osborne, 21, was bound for Newark, New Jersey, when guards hauled him out of the queue for his Guns N Rollers T-shirt.

They told him the two pistols on the front could constitute a security risk and upset passengers.

He was ordered to turn his top inside out before boarding.

The design engineer from Lichfield, Staffs, said: “I am all for extra security but this was just plain stupid.”

I agree, Dave. I agree.

Last night bosses at Birmingham International Airport apologised and said security guards “over-reacted”.

Gee, you think?  You know, I’m really thinking I need to add a “Stupid people/procedures” category for my site.
I won’t post the image, as the site has a right-click blocker saying “Blah, blah, protected image.” Yes, this is easy to disable, but if they don’t want me posting their image, I won’t. Just hit the site to see the security risk just recently discovered by the amazingly brilliant people who are protecting us all.

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