Month: August 2006

  • Lasers for saving the Navy some money

    If there is a task which would be better suited for sharks with frikkin’ laser beams on their heads than this, I don’t know what it is. Using a grant from the National Science Foundation, Professor Daniel Bubb and his team have come up with a new method for coating polymers. With this new approach, […]

  • SimCity DS coming

    (via Joystiq) Word from IGN is that SimCity will soon be available for the Nintendo DS.  At least, it will be available soon in Japan.  This news comes from the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. Electronic Arts may not be known for making major game announcements over in Japan, but here’s one for you: Sim City […]

  • Cell phone or All-in-one techie wet dream?

    Oh my heavens does this ever seem the reality of cell phones these days. [tags]BLaugh, Buy a cell phone – get every tech gadget ever made[/tags]

  • Chuck Norris vs. Zombie Bruce Lee

    I wish I had done this.  But I lack skill and imagination necessary to pull it off.  It’s a “The Movies” generated machinima of Chuck Norris fighting a zombified Bruce Lee.  As we all know, such a meeting must never come to pass, lest the very world on which we live be destroyed from that […]

  • Yahoo music 2 years for the price of 1 offer

    I’ve already mentioned this recently in another posting, but this is a big enough deal to get its own article.  If you are thinking at all about getting in on one of the online music subscription sites, consider Yahoo Music.  If you use your Mastercard to pay right now, and if you are a new […]

  • New laser trimming robot

    To be shown at the upcoming IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) in Chicago is the AccuTrim WJ-110 six-axis robot with Abrasive Water Jet from Robotic Production Technology (RPT). At the show, RPT will demonstrate three-dimensional, abrasive water jet trimming of a stainless steel part. During the demonstration, the part will be approximately placed into the […]

  • Super-size yellow jacket nests

    I read about these giant yellow jacket nests last week, but just didn’t feel the need to post about it at the time. Now that a co-worker has sent me an article with a good picture of one of the super-sized nests, I thought it might be time to share. Read over at The Montgomery […]

  • Pre-war intelligence – what we knew and what we didn’t

    I’ve been reading more official and unofficial accounts of what was known before the US went to war in Iraq. I’m trying to get a better understanding of what intelligence we had which we were sure was correct, what we had that was unverified (or unverifiable), what questions were or were not asked about our […]

  • 101 Free games

    These lists pop up from time to time.  I look at them when the do.  I always find a game or three I didn’t know about before seeing the list.  The games fall back out of my mind and I play whatever game I’m hooked on at the time (for now, that’s City of Heroes […]

  • Eye candy – freaky chick looking freaky hot

    Again, some of these are for my enjoyment.  Feel free to skip by any you don’t like.  For those that didn’t skip, can anyone tell me what this picture is from?  She moved up a couple of notches on my women I most want for things I shouldn’t talk about, at least not as a […]

  • Long lost twins?

    Maybe it’s just my imagination, but Ben Kingsley and Howie Mandel sure look a lot alike now.  Are they secretly related?  Images from the Emmy red carpet blah, blah, whatever it’s called.  Here they are, side by side.  Can you tell which is the now knighted man who played Gandhi, and who hosts the TV […]

  • Happy birthday, Michael Jackson

    Happy birthday, Michael Jackson, born in Gary, Indiana in 1958.  And here’s a look at the changing face of Jackson, courtesy Anomalies-unlimited.  Apologies for the low resolution – I didn’t have time to track down better pictures. 1979 1985