Day: July 2, 2006

  • NSA helps man save money on long distance

    (via tingilinde) Humor site The Onion has a funny spoof news article titled “NSA Wiretap Reveals Subject May Be Paying Too Much For Long-Distance.” The director of the National Security Agency announced at a press conference Tuesday that the ongoing phone surveillance of Cincinnati resident Greg Wyckham has yielded “overwhelming and incontrovertible” evidence that the […]

  • Senator opposed to free speech

    (via Dan Gillmor’s blog) In a move sure to confound many, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has taken the side of those who wish to institute a ban on flag-burning in America.  Understand that I think burning the flag is a stupid thing.  However, like many others, I believe that it is an act which is […]

  • Senator “gets it” – geeks everywhere shocked?

    ArsTechnica has the details on this one. The article talks more about the network neutrality debate that has been popping up in Congress recently. In particular, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has stated he intends to stand in the way of a current proposed communications bill if an amendment guaranteeing network neutrality is not included. Next […]

  • Virtual LEGOs on your Mac

    Well, until the company that controls the name comes in and forces a change to the description, Bricksmith is described simply as “virtual Lego modeling for your Macintosh.” And checking out the pictures, you can see that the description pretty well covers it. It’s a legally free application for developing LEGO look-alike buildings on recent […]

  • Virtual keyboard

    (via Gadget Bloggers) I’ve written about this before, somewhere, sometime, somehow. I can’t find it in the current blog contents though, so I’ll post it again. If you’ve ever wanted a more portable keyboard than what you get lugging around a full-sized, you could certainly carry around a flexible keyboard (I have one that rolls-up […]

  • Sony continues work on making people not want PS3

    (via Dubious Quality) In an apparent attempt to get the whole world ready for excessive game prices to accompany its excessive console prices, Sony has announced that games probably won’t be $99.99 at release. OK, so it isn’t really an announcement of excessive pricing just yet, but check out the quote and see if you […]

  • Avoid grammatical errors when blogging

    (via Blogging Pro) I make mistakes all the time – grammatical, factual, and spelling mistakes at least. And I’m guessing a lot of other people do (and that’s guessing as in – I read other sites enough to know that many people are even worse than I am). In an attempt to help bloggers (and […]

  • MAKE molecules from balloons

    (via MAKE ezine blog) Useless party trick? I don’t know. But this gallery of balloon molecules (at, oddly enough) looks neat to me. The site has a gallery of finished molecules, a brief write-up of what’s behind the build, and links to more instructional bits on how to build some of the molecules. We […]

  • Harsh penalties on tax evaders

    Here’s a story from CNN that should just make you feel warm inside. An Argentinian man, accused of tax evasion, has been hit hard by his country’s government in an attempt to collect back taxes. Just 2 days before Argentina is due to play Germany in the World Cup semi-finals, tax officials took away the […]

  • Why hi-def DVD formats have already failed

    (via boingboing) Interesting piece over at Audioholics on why the next-gen high definition disc formats are already failures.  In a nutshell – little improvement over current gen, greed by media companies, confusion over competing formats, and more.  There’s more to it, and the list of reasons is worth checking out. For years we’ve heard about […]