Avoid grammatical errors when blogging

(via Blogging Pro)
I make mistakes all the time – grammatical, factual, and spelling mistakes at least. And I’m guessing a lot of other people do (and that’s guessing as in – I read other sites enough to know that many people are even worse than I am). In an attempt to help bloggers (and others) reduce or avoid making so many grammatical errors, ZDNet has published an article entitled “10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid” for your edification. As the host of Blogging Pro said, I don’t think these mistakes necessarily make you look stupid, but they can make you look careless, poorly educated, or something along those lines. And for bloggers, those kinds of impressions will typically lead to fewer return visitors.

#3: They’re for their for there

No: The managers are in they’re weekly planning meeting.

Yes: The managers are in their weekly planning meeting.

No: The techs have to check there cell phones at the door, and their not happy about it.

Yes: The techs have to check their cell phones at the door, and they’re not happy about it.

OK, I admit that #3 there is a big annoyance for me. Of all the mistakes I make, mixing up they’re, there, and their is rarely one of them. But when I see others mix them up, it does disrupt my reading of what they’ve written.

#8 Lay for lie

No: I got dizzy and had to lay down.

Yes: I got dizzy and had to lie down.

Yes: Just lay those books over there.

Ooops. I frequently screw up on #8. I’m trying, but man, do I ever mix those two up. Sorry about that, folks.

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