Month: April 2006

  • 12″ portable DVD player

    (via TechEBlog) There was a time when I seriously thought I wanted something like this.  (long sentence alert)  That’s a 12″ portable DVD player, which sounds pretty good until you consider current pricing on 10″ portables (the price hasn’t been set on the 12″ yet), the size a 12″ player would need to be, and […]

  • Shockproof portable hard drives

    (via Design Technica via TechEBlog) I’ve been looking for a good, reliable, sturdy, affordable portable storage device for my wife to carry around.  She has some USB memory sticks, but more storage is always good, right?  I think Plextor is looking like a worthy contender for a storage provider in this realm.  Check out these […]

  • Top 10 worst game quotes ever

    (via TechEBlog) The folks over at IGN have put together a list of the 10 worst game quotes ever. Full list follows the break. “All your base are belong to us.” – Zero Wing “I am Error.” – Zelda II: The Adventures of Link “Jill, why don’t you, the master of unlocking, take this lock […]

  • Free MMO list

    Well, this pretty much stands on its name – MMOlist.  Now you can see for yourself MMOs are free and decide which of them you’d like to play. [tags]MMOs, Free MMOs, gaming[/tags]

  • The TV you want, but can’t afford

    (via Engadget) Well, the 65-inch and 80+ inch plasma TVs we’ve seen announced recently just weren’t big enough for some people. Panasonic has announced that it will have its new 103 inch Plasma TV (that’s 8.5 feet diagonal) available for purchase before the end of the year. No pricing, but I’m sure it can’t be […]

  • Nexus Wicked laser review

    (via TechEBlog) I’ve written about Wicked lasers before.  These are some very high powered lasers that you can get to have around the house.  By high powered, I mean something able to cut through a garbage bag or electrical tape.  So if you’re trying to decide whether a $1000 blue laser is worth your money, […]

  • Free techie books

    I can’t even reemember where I got this link, but check out all the free techie books at TechToolBlog.  Here’s a sampling of the books: Assembly Language Tutorial A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C Win32 Programming for x86 Assembly Language Programmers A Beginners C++ Book Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager Advanced Bash […]

  • A for-pay Oblivion mod that doesn’t suck?

    (via Kotaku) I haven’t paid for any of the available for-pay Oblivion mods (and don’t plan to buy or use them – I don’t need horse armor).  I have, however, read quite a bit about how the horse armor and Orrery mods come up, shall we say, a bit short in the value-for-your money department.  […]

  • 7 Days free Dungeons and Dragons online

    (via Kotaku) Man, I wanted this game to be awesome.  I really wanted to try it and like it.  But no single-player content means no RagManX playing it. First, the write-up from Kotaku: Love heavily instanced and overwhelmingly brown MMORPGs without enough content and require endlessly replaying the same dungeon over and over again until […]

  • Sometimes, Bill just nails them…

    I don’t know that there’s any better way to sum up the world than what Bill had to say: I’ve seen stories indicating that Tom Cruise is visiting your countries and wowing you. Please, Rest of the World, listen to us on this one: Tom Cruise may look tiny and cute like a Ken doll, […]

  • Winternals Software sues Best Buy/Geek Squad

    I hadn’t even heard of this until I read about it on Mark Russinovich’s SysInternals blog, but apparently Winternals Software is suing Geek Squad and Best Buy for admitted and ongoing illegal use of the Administrator’s Pak from Winternals. From the story, my understanding is that Best Buy and Geek Squad have been illegally using […]

  • Hourglass clock

    (via boingboing) As I’m catching up on a lot of missed web-surfing, I’m finding all kinds of cool things.  The latest neat gadget I want is an hourglass shaped clock.  It’s no better than a regular clock, just cooler (for values of cool defined by geeky me).  And it’s a steal at $36.95 plus shipping […]