7 Days free Dungeons and Dragons online

(via Kotaku)

Man, I wanted this game to be awesome.  I really wanted to try it and like it.  But no single-player content means no RagManX playing it.

First, the write-up from Kotaku:

Love heavily instanced and overwhelmingly brown MMORPGs without enough content and require endlessly replaying the same dungeon over and over again until you jump a level from 2 to 3? Hey, who doesn’t? Nevertheless, early buzz on Turbine’s Dungeons and Dragons Online was so negative that you, like the majority of the planet’s sane, may have been reluctant to drop your hard earned lettuce on it.

Well, Turbine is trying to woo you over: if you’re a Yank and can find your way over to the DDO trial site, you too can have a seven day chance to discover the truth many of us only became privy to at the price of half a benjamin: Dungeons and Dragons Online is terrible. Period. Exclamation point. Radiation symbol! Still, it may be worth it so you can experience first hand DDO’s only saving grace: some pretty cool narration that is charmingly evocative of a real Dungeon Master’s cackling melodrama.

And, of course, the actual link to your 7 day trail download.

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