Dead or Alive – the movie

Oh please, please, please say it ain’t so!  I don’t think movies based on games are inherently bad – I just assume the directors, writers, actors, producers, distributors, and/or others are incapable of making them good.  I suspect a large part of it is that the people responsible for spewing forth this bile think gamers are too stupid to know when they are getting something bad.  Sadly, they seem to be fairly accurate in their beliefs to date.

Dead or Alive movie still

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New game patch site

I’ll be splitting my time between this site and launching another site of interest to me –  Posts here may slow for a while as I get in to the swing of keeping the patch information site up to date.  I’m already finding that site to be more work intensive than I envisioned, so I’ll be working to balance the number of patches and patch details I provide versus the number of available patches each day.  Feel free to leave feedback on either site as to how you think either site is doing and what I can do to improve what I provide.  Please visit Gamepatches and provide let me know how I’m doing.

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Six versions of Windows Vista announced

This is all over the techie world, so no specific reference here.  Microsoft announced six versions of Windows Vista yesterday.  Full details available at Microsoft.

  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Windows Vista Starter

Business, Enterprise, and Premium will support the new Aero user interface.  The Windows Vista Starter version will be offered in emerging markets.  This specifically means Microsoft is working to provide a lower cost version of Windows in areas with entry level computing equipment and generally lower technology availability.

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Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) development platform

I honestly have no idea if this is any good, but it certainly sound interesting.  A MMOG development platform with no upfront costs.


Our platform is in beta! Early developers sign up here!

Independent game developers, the revolution is here! For the first time, you will be able to:

  • Make a complete Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) or virtual world for less money and in less time than you could have dreamed possible.
  • Participate in the game industry’s most exciting frontier.
  • Build the features that make your game unique, leveraging the expertise of the networking and infrastructure experts who helped build the web.
  • Deliver your vision to a built-in market of players–without having to ask a publisher’s permission or give up your intellectual property.
  • Get filthy rich! *

*Or just comfortably well-off. Your mileage may vary.

There are no upfront costs. We only make money when you make money, and if you never charge a cent, you never have to pay us anything. What are you waiting for? Start building your MMOG now!

I probably lack the skill to do anything with this, but I am at least going to learn more about it and see if I can learn enough to do something with it.

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XFire sure seems popular

While trying to catch up with all kinds of geek/techie/gaming news today, I found this article at TwitchGuru about the XFire instant messenger/gamer tracker.  After reading the article, I’m actually a little surprised to see how popular XFire is.  I used the program about 3 years ago, maybe even 4.  Perhaps I just didn’t have enough gaming friends to appreciate it, but I didn’t find it particularly useful or in any way more outstanding than ICQ/MSN/AIM/whatever.  That said, I can see the usefulness – maybe I got in too early to benefit from the unique twist XFire offers.

If you haven’t tried XFire, and you have a lot of gaming buddies, try downloading it and using it.  Once installed, you can see what game someone on your buddy list is playing.  You can get stats on your buddies.  You can use the program to send snapshots if you see something in-game that makes you think you just have to grab a picture.  I may even install it and try it again.

How fast has Xfire grown? On average, nearly 300,000 new users register and download the software each month, which means Xfire adds approximately 10,000 new customers every day. Xfire has become so hot so quickly that Fortune Magazine’s David Kirkpatrick recently wrote that Xfire “could be the next MySpace.” It’s an accurate comparison. The best way to think of Xfire is as a combination of a social networking site and an instant messaging platform. In addition to allowing users the ability to text message or voice chat with other Xfire members, the software allows users to create an entire online community. “We wanted to find a better way for people to interact through video games and be able to communicate with one another,” Fong says.

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Malware for sale

It had to happen sooner or later.

PandaLabs uncovers a complex malware creation system designed to spy and steal personal data

After Panda ActiveScan detected a malicious code designed to spy on infected computers and capture data, a complex espionage system has been uncovered

This system sells made-to-measure Trojans to hackers for US$ 990

Although this code is checked to avoid detection by different antivirus solutions,  TruPrevent™ Technologies have managed to detect it

The author’s website guarantees that if the Trojan is detect by an antivirus solution, it will be changed

I miss working in the security field.  I remember seeing predictions of this some time ago.  Of course, here is what these folks have to be asking now - is this something new, or has this been around a while and we’re just now finding it?  Also, one has to ask how the money transfer is taking place.  If someone is paying for this, there has to be an exchange of money somewhere.  I’m guessing that’s how people are going to try to track down the programmer in question.

I seriously doubt this is new, although it’s probably not a very old (in tech-world terms “mature”) service.  Still, this will likely grow more popular as other skilled programmers realize they can make real profits from doing bad.  But any that would offer a guarantee to reprogram said malware if it is discovered (as this one was) will have to charge more to stay ahead, fiscally speaking.  This is what you would call a growth industry, and like all growth industries, pricing will be high until it matures.  (via ArsTechnica)

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Amazing high quality game renders

If you ignore the obvious “I’m a geek and can’t get a real chick so I’ll totally scope out fake chicks” sadness in the lives of so many of us, you’ll probably be impressed with these King of Fighters renders of Mai Shurinai and others (and excuse me, but is that pronounced like “My Sharona” by The Knack?  No?  Well, it sure looks like it would be close).  I’m assuming these are press-release quality, and not in-game renders, but I could be wrong.

I’d provide an in-story image, but the page owner has right-click disabled with a copyright notice.  I know how to get around that – it isn’t really hard.  But I’ll not snag someone else’s pictures if they want me to leave them be.

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Dubious Pimpage

If you aren’t reading Dubious Quality, you should be.  Here are a couple of articles from Bill that show some of the reasons why I am a fan:

The Definitive Load Screen From Hell

Kotaku had a very funny link yesterday to a video of “Smackdown vs. Raw 2006” on the PSP. It’s not the game, actually–it’s the loading screen(s). All six minutes of them. That’s right. To go from inserting the PSP dingle-thingy to actually wrestling in career mode, it takes over SIX MINUTES. And some guy made a little film of what’s happening during that time, complete with Benny Hill theme

The rest of Bill’s commentary on this is spot-on.  And next:

The Women’s Cross-Country Sk–Commercial–ii–Commercial–ng–Commercial Finals

Even though the Olympics have become far more spectacle than sport, cross-country skiing is still the real deal. Anybody who can ski eighteen miles in a race on a torturously hilly course is a warrior. They’re bad asses. And seeing it in high-definition for the first time was a real treat.

So I decide to watch this race, because it’s incredibly intense. And here’s what I get to see:
4.5 minutes of skiing
2.5 minutes of commercials
2.5 minutes of skiing
3.5 minutes of commercials
3.5 minutes of skiing
3.0 minutes of commercials
7.0 minuts of skiing
2.5 minutes of commercials
1.5 minutes of interviews
2 minutes of commercials

Read the whole article for more insight.

Well done, Bill.

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Yaxtrax walker

Yaxtrax Walker

Today’s Cool Tool is the Yaxtrax Walker.  A handy way to get better traction in that slick stuff we call ice and snow.  These would have been handy to have around here a couple of weeks back when the ice/snow passed through Memphis.  I didn’t take any falls, but still would have appreciated the additional sure-footedness these could have given.

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