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I’ll be splitting my time between this site and launching another site of interest to me –  Posts here may slow for a while as I get in to the swing of keeping the patch information site up to date.  I’m already finding that site to be more work intensive than I envisioned, so I’ll be working to balance the number of patches and patch details I provide versus the number of available patches each day.  Feel free to leave feedback on either site as to how you think either site is doing and what I can do to improve what I provide.  Please visit Gamepatches and provide let me know how I’m doing.

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2 thoughts on “New game patch site”

  1. A very descriptive URL yet somewhat lacking:
    – white letters on a black background makes it very hard to read, especially those blue download links
    – A site only devoted to list a few new patches on 3D Gamers or Filefront with the only new idea having comments on the story? I would expect something more.

  2. I’ve changed the theme. I found the white on black to be one of the easier themes for my eyes, but I’m willing to change. I actually intend to put a theme chooser in to let visitors select from a small group of themes to get something they like.

    As for only listing a few new patches from 2 sites, that’s not quite accurate, but I understand the complaint. I currently visit 5 sites to use as the basis for what I list. Generally, though, 2 of those 5 list almost all patches that I find out about each day, so those 2 show up for most of the patches listed. I am looking in to keeping up with some other sites, plus adding notice of upcoming patches, of which I’ve only posted a couple so far.

    I also am trying to figure out how to automatically make a master index from the listed patches. I don’t have that figured out yet, but when I get that, there will be an additional section for all games listed on the site. One request I’ve gotten elsewhere was for links to torrents of listed patches. If I can come up with a way to do that, I will add that.

    I certainly can’t afford the bandwidth it would take to just host everything myself, but I am looking at providing some of the smaller or less heavily downloaded files here, just to help people avoid the queues at the major download sites.

    Also, I’m still just getting going. Honestly, the bare basics that are on the site now are as much for me to practice maintaining the site as anything else. Keeping up to date is tough now due to my limited time, but I keep at it. And as I work more on this site and, I expect to improve both sites and figure out more what I can do to make the sites more worth visiting.


    p.s. I looked at your site Matthias. I like the layout, but haven’t had a chance to look much at the site to see if I can get any ideas to put to use on my site.

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