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If you aren’t reading Dubious Quality, you should be.  Here are a couple of articles from Bill that show some of the reasons why I am a fan:

The Definitive Load Screen From Hell

Kotaku had a very funny link yesterday to a video of “Smackdown vs. Raw 2006” on the PSP. It’s not the game, actually–it’s the loading screen(s). All six minutes of them. That’s right. To go from inserting the PSP dingle-thingy to actually wrestling in career mode, it takes over SIX MINUTES. And some guy made a little film of what’s happening during that time, complete with Benny Hill theme

The rest of Bill’s commentary on this is spot-on.  And next:

The Women’s Cross-Country Sk–Commercial–ii–Commercial–ng–Commercial Finals

Even though the Olympics have become far more spectacle than sport, cross-country skiing is still the real deal. Anybody who can ski eighteen miles in a race on a torturously hilly course is a warrior. They’re bad asses. And seeing it in high-definition for the first time was a real treat.

So I decide to watch this race, because it’s incredibly intense. And here’s what I get to see:
4.5 minutes of skiing
2.5 minutes of commercials
2.5 minutes of skiing
3.5 minutes of commercials
3.5 minutes of skiing
3.0 minutes of commercials
7.0 minuts of skiing
2.5 minutes of commercials
1.5 minutes of interviews
2 minutes of commercials

Read the whole article for more insight.

Well done, Bill.

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