Day: February 20, 2006

  • Over the air HD reception

    MAKEzine had a similar article in the latest issue, but here’s a write-up at HDBeat on how to get over the air High Definition signals on your TV.  I suspect doing this for your PC would be similarly manageable. (via MAKEzine blog) Some of the best picture quality possible can be obtained with an antenna, […]

  • Sound following robot

    Wow, this is really cool. A LEGO Mindstorms robot with the capacity to follow sound. (via MAKEzine) Paul-Nicolas created this nice robot that is capable of following the sound of a radio or a music instrument or a human voice. It follows the ideas developed on this site concerning the interaural time detection (ITD) (binaural […]

  • Guide: Converting physical system to virtual system

    I recently reloaded my system from scratch. I wish I had thought to do this. I did it the old-fashioned, hard way of installing on a fresh hard drive and restoring things from my old hard drive. This way seems much smarter. (from MAKEzine). recently got a new replacement laptop for work. I had a […]

  • Another HTPC article

    I put up a different, but similar article recently.  Here’s a post at Engadget that’s something of a guide on building your own home theatre PC (HTPC) for under $1,000. We’ve seen a lot of home theater PCs lately and being in need of a new workstation, we decide to build one of our own. […]

  • Newsflash: Size matters – 19 inch laptops on the way

    I just got a laptop with a 15.4″ display.  I like it, but it’s not as nice as the 17″ display on my wife’s laptop.  But both of these pale in comparison to the 19″ laptops which should be available sometime in the near future. SavRow likes to refer to their computers as “bespoke technology,” […]

  • Linux on Intel iMacs

    Seems Linux hackers don’t waste time getting their beloved OS running on whatever hardware they damn well please. (from Engadget) However, if your goal is to just run an OS other than Mac OS X, you’re in luck. The enterprising team at the Mactel-Linux project have claimed at least partial victory: they were able to […]

  • Potential PDF replacement?

    In another of the many “I’m not sure how I stumbled across this” sites I stumble across, I’ve been reading about Unipage tonight. What is Unipage? Unipage is a way to store a complete web page as just one file. All of the page’s images, formatting, and even functionality are kept together instead of as […]

  • Watchmaker’s blog

    I just read about this over on boingboing.  Hit Ron DeCorte’s Notebook – something of a watchmaker’s blog.  Learn more about watches than you likely ever knew you could. [tags]Watchmaker, watch technology[/tags]

  • Techeblog’s top 10 weird mp3 players

    A list of the 10 weirdest mp3 players.  Photos and descriptions included.  I’ve only seen half of these. [tags]mp3, mp3 players[/tags]

  • “Lawer” threatens to sue Cory Doctorow

    This article and series of emails is just too funny. Here are a few tips for future pretend lawyers: Learn how to spell “Lawyer” correctly. Learn how to spell. Learn the difference between libel and slander. Make sure you are registered with a recognized law society/association. Don’t make up a title for yourself that has […]

  • Playstation 3 may or may not be late – collective yawn heard

    This is covered all over the gaming web.  According to a report by Merrill-Lynch (warning – PDF file), the PS3 will be late and more expensive than originally expected.  Then, Sony says not true.  Then, Sony announces the PS3 may be delayed because the Blu-Ray specs (Sony’s optical format for the PS3) haven’t been finalized. […]

  • NES alarm clock

    This NES alarm clock has write-ups on a number of geek and techie sites. I saw it originally on joystiq. I wish I had time to try to build one. [tags]NES, Alarm clock, Cool geek stuff[/tags]