Another HTPC article

I put up a different, but similar article recently.  Here’s a post at Engadget that’s something of a guide on building your own home theatre PC (HTPC) for under $1,000.

We’ve seen a lot of home theater PCs lately and being in need of a new workstation, we decide to build one of our own. We started planning by looking around to see what others had done.

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2 thoughts on “Another HTPC article”

  1. hey, here are some useful home theater pc links: – Beginners guide to HTPC’s – Guide to TV Tuner Cards for watching television shows on your computer – How to connect your computer to your television – An easy to understand beginners guide to building an htpc – Future place to buy the best computer and home theater parts

  2. Thanks you for the extra links. Those will be handy for me when I get to working on my own HTPC again.

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