Playstation 3 may or may not be late – collective yawn heard

This is covered all over the gaming web.  According to a report by Merrill-Lynch (warning – PDF file), the PS3 will be late and more expensive than originally expected.  Then, Sony says not true.  Then, Sony announces the PS3 may be delayed because the Blu-Ray specs (Sony’s optical format for the PS3) haven’t been finalized.

How can a product with no firm release date really be delayed?   The best we’ve ever gotten from Sony is Spring 2006, and I’ve not seen a single site that believed that.  From what I can gather, gamers world ’round are reacting to this non-news with a great big collective “So?” or something like that.  AsI have often done, I’ll point you towards Bill’s commentary for a better write-up of this non-event.

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