Where’s my humanoid robot?

Looking back through the Blahg, I noticed that I haven’t heard anything about the Nao robot since I first mentioned it in 2006.  I tried to find out more, but there’s still no word on availability of this robot which was planned for a 2007 release.  Now I’m not criticizing the company for failing to deliver in the expected time frame – I’m a techie and a gamer, and accustomed to promised tech coming in late.  In fact, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve decided the reason for the delay was probably so they could upgrade the visual system to include a killer-death-ray laser option, or maybe a frikkin’ sharks with frikkin’ laser beams on their frikkin’ heads shooting from a frikkin’ shoulder-mount cannon add-on.

Sadly, the robot is originally specced for only 22 inches in height, so adding the cannon would almost certainly require a form-factor upgrade.

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