French firm promises humanoid robot in 2007

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Hoping to be known for more than their expertise in raising the white flag, the French announced information on coming humanoid robot Nao, to be available in 2007.

The project has been launched in the early 2005 and aims at turning available to the public, for an affordable price, a humanoid robot based on mechanical, electronic and cognitive features, compeeting with the research prototypes’ ones (see graphic below).


Delivered with basic behaviors, the robot will be, as of its market introduction, the ideal support to self initiating with robotics. Later on, improved with many behaviors, it will become an autonomous buddy for all the family. It will grow later on from its buddy role up to true functionalities required for daily tasks assistance (monitoring, remote support, information, reality-virtual bond…).

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The robot is based on a Linux platform and on scripting with Urbi, very easy to learn programming language, possibly in code commands for the experts, or through a graphic interface for the beginners.

Currently in final development phase, the first specimens for sale will be presented at the end of 2006 and available in the second half of 2007.

No mention of high power laser-beam eyes, but perhaps that will be a future upgrade in a home-security model of the Nao.

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