Day: November 7, 2007

  • Do drunken elephants see pink elephants?

    On occasion, I find a headline that I hate to pass up.  Most days now, I’ll just post it to RandomLi, my other blog.  However, some are good enough to gather posting line there as well as get a full post here.  I present to you “Elephants electrocuted in drunken rampage.” GAUHATI, India – Six […]

  • The voice of Portal

    I just learned that the voice of Portal’s GLaDOS is classically trained operatic soprano Ellen McLain (via Kotaku)

  • Paul Potts – Cell phone salesman, incredible opera singer

    A cow-orker shared this with me a couple of weeks back, but I forgot to check on it until just recently. Those of you who watch American Idol may already be familiar with the British television show Britain’s Got Talent. It operates like our American Idol, Simon Cowell included (although I believe their show came […]