Genital piercing to protect virtue?

On one side of the story, we have the daughter who claims her genitals were forcibly pierced by her mother to “make it uncomfortable to have sex.” The mother says the girl agreed to the piercing to help rebuild trust.

Prosecutor Steve Maresca said the mother called on a friend to shave the girl’s head and do the piercing after realizing that she had been having sex, including with the mother’s boyfriend.

Wait a minute. I think I see the real problem here. All this over a boyfriend? Clearly the daughter is a dirty little whorish Lolita, trying to steal the love-toy away from frigid and impersonal mama. Mama should just say “No” to the boyfriend a little less often and he’ll be less tempted by the younger tramp. That, or just get her in bed for an especially nasty threesome.

As a bonus, I caught this advertisement with the story, which has the headline “Girl: Mom forced genitalia piercing”


And I know it can happen – I just hope forced genital piercing doesn’t happen all that often. I couldn’t help but laugh at the close proximity of the ad and headline.

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