New guilty pleasure – Top Secret Recipes

You’ve been out to eat. You had a great meal. You think how wonderful it would be if you could just make it yourself – then you could eat it whenever you wanted. But how could you ever figure out how to make it without just getting the recipe from the restaurant? Discover the recipe cloning that comes from Top Secret Recipes.


Got a recipe you want to find? You can search for it to see if they’ve broken the secret yet. The search is straight-forward, and results are pretty quick to comb through.


Some recipes, as you can see above, are free while some cost. The few recipes I’ve looked at were all 79 cents, but I don’t know if that price carries across to all payment-required recipes or not. Unfortunately for me, the queso recipe I was looking for isn’t there. For recipes which are available, Top Secret Recipes has ratings by users along with comments on how closely the prepared food matches the target item.

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30 years of very stupid monsters

As I began reading this long eassy on many of the stupid animals in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, I really wanted to hate it. The article begins with a two-paragraph long wall of text. I don’t care much for the font, text-size, nor color combination of the page. The background is too busy. His dismissal of Dungeons and Dragons comes off as snooty. But damn if I didn’t find the write-up quite entertaining.

stench-kow.jpgDespite the clever misspelling, you’re looking at an evil cow that stinks. Even better, read the first sentence there. “Cattle of the Nine Hells.” Smelly cows from hell. Awesome.

. . .

Sometimes, when its your job to be creative, you really don’t want to be. Take Werewolves for instance. Every fantasy game seems to have them. But after a while, an author wants to leave his mark. He wants to add a twist that no one’s thought of. In Dungeons and Dragons, this is often see by simply reversing the word “Werewolf” so that it cleverly appears as “Wolfwere”. Since this was done a long time ago, later writers would have to add their own novelty to the were-act. So in come were-foxes, were-sloths (no kidding), were-bears, and other fun little crossbreeds. And then people thought they’d be original and call a wolf that turns into a man a “Wolfwere”. That only started someone onto the path of doomed…well…check this out:

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It’s good to get wood

I love wood. There’s something good about having some sturdy wood all day, you know. The look of good wood in your hands is really memorable. That’s why I’ve been thinking about getting wood for my wife.


Of course, since we don’t have an iPhone, we can’t use this particular wood replacement cover, but I’m thinking about trying to find a wood case replacement like this one for her iPod.


That looks much better than these (admittedly cool but not as cool) wooden iPod cases, doesn’t it?


So, all kinds of choices, but I have a feeling that to give my wife some good hard wood, I’ll have to do all the work myself.

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