Vigilantes kill the wrong person

Knoxville.  My old stomping grounds.  Seems some hicks near Knoxville found out they had a child-oriented sex-offender and decided to send him a message.  Unfortunately, the message they sent him involved his wife dying in a fire.

Everybody in this little mountain community knew that Timothy Carl Chandler had been arrested on child pornography charges. It was in the newspaper and all over the TV news.

Two of Chandler’s neighbors decided to do something about it, police say. They’re accused of trying to scare him off by setting fire to his tiny house tucked away in a hardscrabble Appalachian hollow.

Chandler, 53, escaped from the flames. But his wife was killed in what authorities are calling an example of vigilante justice.

Ahem – that is, allegedly dying in a fire, or something like that.  Wouldn’t want to poison the jury pool.

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