It’s PC clean-up time!

Do you keep your system in tip-top shape all the time?  Do you clean up old, unneeded files, wipe down the case, clear our the dust, and perform regular backups?  If you’re like the vast majority of home computer users, the answer is no.  I’m certainly not one who is good about doing these things.  While randomly reading one of my many “Man, I love this site, but I rarely remember to read it even though it’s in my Bloglines feed” web sites, I found this collection of links to computer clean-up guides that we all should be using regularly.

The guide starts out with the virtual cleanups you need, such as uninstalling programs you don’t need any more and looking at disk usage and cleaning clutter, but also includes the real-world cleanup task you should do regularly – clean out dust from the system and keyboard.  As is typical with a LifeHacker article, the comments add extra suggestions that are as good as what is in the article.

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