FallingWater – must-see computer generated movie

Take one of the most visually inventive and uniquely designed houses everwikipedia-FallingwaterWright_resize , get a fresh new method of presenting a modern view of it, and animate the whole thing. If you take the time to see it, you’ll find one of the neatest animations ever put online.

If you hit the movie, you’ll probably sit through 15-20 seconds of it and start to wonder “Why the hell did Randy suggest I watch this?” Trust me, you’re almost to the part that makes it worth seeing. You’ll go through another 10-15 seconds and think, after reading the above, “OK, now he’s just taunting me – there’s nothing to see here.”

At this point, you’ll start to see the animation, and it will all come together for you. Once you see:


you have started watching what makes this so amazing. Now watch the next 2 minutes, come back here, and let me know if you feel it was worth your time or not. I was so in awe of this, I watched it a second time, including the hard to get through first 40-60 seconds.

I am sitting here in awe of the skills of the animators and/or designers who created the models necessary to generate that movie and put it all together. Basically, I can’t stop praising them. Simply a work of art. (via Digg)

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