Unopened rebate forms found in dumpster

You’ve bought your cool new gadget. You cut out the UPC. You fill out the rebate form. You photocopy everything you are sending in. You sent it all, wisely chosing registered mail so you know when it was delivered. And yet, you still don’t ever get your rebate. WTF?

Well, maybe somebody threw out your submission along with those from your 1299 closest friends?


This is a picture of the 1,300 unopened rebate forms a Mercury News reporter found in a dumpster near Vastech, a rebate processor for Fry’s Electronics.

When confronted, the company’s owner blamed it on a lazy employee who no longer works for Vastech and offered to process and sign checks for all of the envelopes in front of the reporter.

Reminds me of the scandal years back where so many Publisher’s Clearing House entries were found in the trash. Unfortunately, I cannot find a link to anything about that scandal, so you’ll have to either remember the issue yourself or trust my increasingly faulty memory.

I suppose this could explain why, nearly 9 years later, I’m still awaiting 2 rebate checks from CompUSA for memory and a hard drive. I’m starting to suspect I won’t actually get them, CompUSA contacts’ assurances to the contrary.

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