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Just in case you forgot to check these out lately:



For the record, the link to the Congressional ratings points to CongJob.htm, but I really believe ConJob.htm would be more appropos.

I would guess the truly spineless nature of the Democrats in bending over, lubing themselves up, and spreading wide open for Bush and his hatred of American freedoms, allowing him to take away more of our rights every chance he has, probably play heavily into the approval ratings for Congress sitting below those of the President.

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3 thoughts on “Approval ratings”

  1. It could not possible have ANYTHING to do with the fact that the Dems swore that once they got the majority and power that they would work with the Repubs in a bipartisan manner.

    That they swore that they would work tirelessly to get laws past for the betterment of America.

    And now in power they have kept congress divided– possibly more so then ever, bring legislation to vote knowing that it won’t pass “to make a symbolic gesture,” sling mud every chance they get, refuse to work with the Repubs, and want to give illegal immigrants they keys to the front door and make sure that they can get in on a free entitlement program.

    The Dems motto, “A program for everyone. And everyone in a program.”


  2. Oh, there are so many problems with the Dems taking over the majority. I just highlighted what I think is most recently responsible for the continuing decline. It’s pretty easy to come up with a number of failures to perform since taking the majority, isn’t it?

  3. Sure I just mostly disagree with your “…the truly spineless nature of the Democrats in bending over, lubing themselves up, and spreading wide open…”

    I do not think that this is hurting them as much as you think. In any case, the Dems are listing to the [i]vocal majority[/i] who are a minority of the voters. Don’t get me wrong, I have no idea of percentages here, but it is obvious to me even as a laymen that just because a segment of your voters base has the biggest mouth does not mean that they are all you need to please to get elected, or in this case, approval from.

    And then there is the fact that the Dems are so internally divided. Put three Dems in a room and when they come out they will have four opinions.


    P.S. Can you fix my bolding in my previous post.

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