A special kind of ugly

I just recently upgraded my cell phone to an LG enV VX9900. While searching online for a decent protective cover for it, I stumbled on this special kind of ugly snap-on faceplate for a different phone. Apparently, it is covered with Swarovski crystals, which is somehow supposed to make me desire adding the ugly to my phone enough to pay almost $150. There are two different faceplates, so be sure to click on each to seem them in their full ugly glory.

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One thought on “A special kind of ugly”

  1. I have the VX9800. Basically the same as yours before they made it feel cheap 😉

    Go to Lowe’s and buy the cell phone holster in the tool department. Fits the VX9800/9900 *PERFECTLY* It is made from that heavy duty nylon, heavily padded, hook/loop closure. Has a pen, key ring too. Heavy duty belt clip, or can your belt can go through the loops either horizontally or vertically.

    Best part! Cost was under $10.00

    I’ll take some pictures and upload them to you.


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