Two thieves rob Game Stop store – stupid evident

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – Two men walk into a videogame store to rob it. Unfortunately for these idiots, the robbery was caught on store camera.

The Game Stop Store in the 3400-block of Cooper sells a lot of high-end video equipment, so when robbers came in they ignored the cash register and took merchandise.

. . .

As the robbery progressed the tape is still recording as a young boy walks into the store. As the gunman confronts the first boy and orders him to the ground. A second boy walks into the store, sees what’s happening and also gets on the ground.

Looking at the video, it appears that the men stole the PlayStation 3 consoles. Guess there weren’t even enough Nintendo Wii consoles for them to get those. Too bad, since that’s the system everyone wants now.

According to the story, one of the two robbers has already been caught. No word on how much the gaming systems sold for. (via Kotaku)

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