A smattering of gaming goodies I’m checking out

I’ve been reading some of my new books and working on learning Blender lately, so I’ve gotten behind on posting again. In order to get something out for today, how about this brief list of a few open source gaming goodies I’m looking at:

  • Dungeon Craft: Pretty much an open source tribute to/remake of the Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA) set from almost 15 years back.
  • Trackballs: It’s Marble Madness remade. Nuff said.
  • SDL Basic: Basic designed to ease game development via Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) support. I want to create, not just consume.
  • Dark Oberon: 3D Real-Time Strategy. This one caught my eye because the in-game models are based on hand-made real-world plasticine.
  • Mokoi: Gaming development platform. Includes a portable engine to play games developed with the included Alchera editor. Easier to understand if you just visit the site and read about it there. Still in alpha, but looks interesting.

    Imagine being able to create a game that is able to be play on almost any platform, be it a Computer, Console or Handheld. This is what Mokoi Gaming aims to do.

  • The Flexible Isometric Fallout-like Engine: An isometric engine designed to assist in creating 2D role-playing games (RPGs).

    For the ones that have never heard about FIFE: this project is an open source engine that aims to be a platform for the creation of 2D RPGs. We do also provide support for the assets of the original Fallout games. So FIFE will be a good choice for the creation of Fallout-like & even non-Fallout-like games under all major platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac) with the emphasis on easy modding.

And there are so many more games in various states of creation and decay. If you want to look in on the open-source gaming world as a player, programmer, or content creator, go see what SourceForge holds in their gaming trove.

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