Teens survive own stupidity – Darwin sad

Hey, I have a great idea – let’s taunt 2-ton creatures that can kill us and climb over the fence to make it more exciting!

The Kansas City Zoo plans to press charges against two teenage boys who allegedly climbed into the hippo exhibit and threw rocks at the two-ton mammals, zoo officials said.

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Randy Wisthoff, the zoo director, said the boys, both 14, are from St. Louis and were apparently trying to impress a girl.

The massive hippos, which spend much of their days submerged in water, are often considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

In case you women ever wondered if you are in fact responsible for all the troubles we men suffer, here’s anecdotal evidence that yes, you really are. We do stupid things trying to impress women. Then 5 years later, you stop opening your legs and we realize our mistake. We’re really that dumb.

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One thought on “Teens survive own stupidity – Darwin sad”

  1. I can’t imagine any female, in her right mind, would be impressed by this to begin with and 5 years later ……….do the dishes, vaccum, sweep, fold the laundry, take the trash out, pick up your magazines, put your shoes away, that will impress most wives. 😉

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