Month: June 2007

  • We signalled for time-out! No fair!

    Everyone knows the hand signal for a time-out, right? Make a “T” with your hands and everything comes to a temporary halt. Well, it turns out that some criminals are stupid enough to to think that applies in a polie chase, too. Philippine police chased down an unfit thief on Tuesday after he ran out […]

  • The record industry committed suicide

    Finally “Industry players” are saying (as we geeks already have) that the recording industry has committed suicide (via boingboing)

  • The world will end…

    If you’ve been planning out the next 53 years of your life, you might want to make a mark on the calendar on when you can stop making plans. The details aren’t exactly clear on which date is the ultimate, final, specific omega date, but according to Newton, the world will end no sooner than […]

  • Making of Heavenly Sword

    Watch the making of Heavenly Sword video and see if you think the game is still worth waiting for (I do, BTW)

  • Government slowing on plans to implement ineffective Real ID plan. For now.

    I haven’t made much mention of the Real ID act before other than stating that it is a plan to implement a meaningless identification system. It has no value, provides no security or safety, and increases costs to states as an unfunded federal mandate – meaning you and I pay more in state taxes with […]

  • Nixie tube kits

    I really, really, really wish I could afford to buy and make some of these – they’re so good looking (via MAKEzine blog)

  • One-eye gator and a man’s one good ball

    Sometimes, words cannot fully express our concerns for the well-being of others. We wish this man well, and hope for a speedy recovery from the injury he suffered while trying to get a good grip on his wet, sloppy ball. A man who lost his ball in a golf course pond nearly lost a limb […]

  • Digital painting for beginners

    A brief guide to digital painting for the beginner – based on Photoshop, but can be used with the GIMP as well

  • Hot-dog king throwing in the towel

    Blaming arthritis, hot-dog eating champion Kobayashi is calling it quits after the July 4th competition next week. His downfall? Arthritis in his jaw. He described the affliction as an “occupational hazard” that has all but crushed his hopes of defending his title at the Nathan’s Famous July Fourth International Hot Dog Eating Contest, in New […]

  • Interim report on RNC emails and the Presidential Records Act

    An interim report from the House of Representatives Oversight Committee is up concerning the investigation of White House officials’ use of Republican National Convention email addresses in apparent violation of the Presidential Records Act. The committee is researching how much official government business was conducted using these addresses by White House staff members and how […]

  • Home inspection nightmares part 3

    Yes, it’s time for more scary home inspection photos

  • A hypothetical airline terrorist attack that is actually feasible – movie theater security contest

    The punchline for those that don’t read long posts: A plausible, possible, stoppable security issue is conceived. Our government won’t do anything to stop this, even though it has put great effort into stopping an implausible liquid-explosive thread. Details following the “more” link: