One-eye gator and a man’s one good ball

Sometimes, words cannot fully express our concerns for the well-being of others. We wish this man well, and hope for a speedy recovery from the injury he suffered while trying to get a good grip on his wet, sloppy ball.

A man who lost his ball in a golf course pond nearly lost a limb when a nearly 11-foot alligator latched on to his arm and pulled him in the water, authorities said.

. . .

Burger, from Lenoir City, Tennessee, was taken to a hospital but was not seriously injured, Morse said Tuesday.

It took seven Fish and Wildlife officers an hour to trap the one-eyed alligator, which measured 10 feet, 11 inches, Morse said.

See, in Tennessee, we’re just used to dealing with snakes when trying to find our balls. We don’t often see that many teeth in places where we would find our balls.

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